Cybersecurity Leadership

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Here is what you get:

  • Learn from those who want to prepare the next generation
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  • Recorded interviews from 20+ leaders across the cybersecurity industry
  • Hear stories about what made them successful, how they forged the critical skills for success
  • Access to videos and transcription of these recordings
  • BONUS: Audio extracts for your commuting pleasure ($200 Value)

Are you ready to become a cybersecurity leader?

This course focuses on:

  • Skills needed to be
  • How to use influence
  • How to use networks

Ready to be the next generation leader?

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Are you looking to grow your leadership experience?

  • Learn the critical skills and competencies needed to be successful within your role.

  • Learn ways to balance the responsibilities of a leader without micromanaging or work falling through the cracks.

  • Learn how to navigate the work culture, industry and more to develop and execute on the mission.

Bonus: Learn the tips and tricks of networking the cybersecurity industry as that secret weapon to your career. $500 Value

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Developing your Talent Pipeline


A part of any good leaders' responsibility is to develop a talent pipeline for their organization. Here is an extract of just one way to approach it.