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Years of Experience Condensed

A condensed step-by-step format of "Breaking Into Cybersecurity", compiled from over 15 years of experience, plus the experiences of 300+ podcasts of “Breaking into Cybersecurity”.

Learn how to Effectively Market yourself

Be able to effectively market and show potential employers why they should choose “You.”

Step by Step approach

Over 10+ sections to help you identify the proper role and be well-equipped to present yourself for that role. This is what you need to be the sought-after candidate in your field!

Learn from Experts

Learn the first-hand experience and tips & tricks from the experts that would make you stand out from the rest of the employees.

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Cybersecurity Masterclass

Elite Cybersecurity Masterclass At Its Best!

Here's What You'll Learn From The Masterclass...

Here are just a glimpse of the topics that will be covered

(And if you were to get these topics seperately they would be over a $247 Value)

  • Is Cybersecurity really for you?
  • Finding your passion within Cybersecurity $50 Value
  • Self Discovery: How to develop your strengths $30 Value
  • ​Skills and competencies: Learn the Top 3 must-have skills in order to get attention from the hiring manager! $50 Value
  • The resume: Is your resume ATS friendly? $50 Value
  • Social Media: Use wisely, it can help you or hurt you. $30 Value
  • And many more important topics
  • BONUS VIDEO $10 Value

Bonus eBooks

  • Advance your Career in Cybersecurity $20 Value
  • Job Hunting Strategies $20 Value

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